Adult Education

Sunday morning Sunday School, 10:00-10:50 each Sunday between Labor Day and Memorial Day First Presbyterian offers six distinct adult classes each Sunday morning.  Some classes are large, some are small. Some are lecture based, others are more discussion based.  Classes are primarily led by church members who feel called to lead their peers in this way and to grow in faith together.

The Chapel Class and Faith Seeking Understanding will continue to meet over the summer, while the other Sunday School classes are on break.

Chapel Class, Session Room, main sanctuary building, The Present Word, led by pastors and class members

Faith Seeking Understanding,  Cameron Center, Coffey Room, in depth verse by verse Bible study taught by Rev. Bob Snell. Ever and always faith seeks understanding, yielding to an irrepressible life-long yearning to see more clearly, love more dearly, and follow more nearly in a world that never stands still. Join us as together we open ourselves to those possibilities by immersing ourselves in the narrative world of Matthew’s Gospel.

Forum Class, Room 101, main sanctuary building, Bible study, often with video component by Mickey Efird and taught by a team of class members.

Journey Class, Library, main sanctuary building, small group discussion Bible study. Facilitated by class members.

The New Members Class is held 4 times a year during the Sunday education hour and includes history of the church, Presbyterian Polity, church ministries and opportunities for service. It is led by staff and volunteers and is open to visitors and members alike.

Small groups offer the opportunity for adults to grow in faith and enrich their spiritual journey, while deepening their relationships with fellow followers of Jesus.  Companions in Christ is one ongoing small group that meets on Thursday mornings in the homes of group members.  This group studies Scripture and explores different spiritual practices. 

Companions in Christ will begin again in late September or early October. We are a small group of women who focus on Bible study, spiritual formation, caring, and sharing. We would love to have others join us. The group meets the second and fourth Thursday mornings from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m at the church. We plan to study Bible passages related to the theme “Discovering the Mind of Christ.” Please call Marion Mayes at 910-632-8697 if you have questions or would like to be a part of this study. Companions in Christ is a wonderful and welcoming group, a challenging, open-minded, and helpful study approach, and a good way to discuss our faith.

The Averette Lecture is an endowed annual lecture series at First Presbyterian Church. Each January a well renowned preacher or scholar visits First Presbyterian Church for a weekend.  In addition to offering a lecture, the Averette speaker, preaches at Sunday morning worship services.  This annual lecture provides the First Presbyterian Church family with exposure to issues outside of the Wilmington area and facing the Church today. 

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The church offers many opportunities for adults to grow and learn both through the resources on our Adult Education Resources page and here at church. We believe that our Christian Education never ends.  We have never arrived as disciples of Christ but are always learning and growing in our faith and life.