Health & Wellness


We are bringing back the Health and Wellness program to the First Presbyterian Church congregation. The mission of the program is to provide an environment for people to become physically, spiritually and emotionally healthier. Our goal is to create opportunities for fellowship among the congregation, increase the fitness, health and happiness of our congregation, and bolster involvement among members young and old. We also hope that this program, if robustly adopted by the congregation, will help create opportunities to introduce new people to the church by introducing them to faith beyond the traditional Sunday worship service.

We want to create a program that you are excited to fit into your busy lives. Please sign in to the ‘Member Page‘ to complete a brief survey and help make that happen. It will allow you to shape what program elements most interest you and what times would best fit your schedules. Thank you for taking the time to fill it out. For more information, or to join the committee, please contact Weezie Davenport.