Pastor Nominating Committee

Dear fellow members of First Presbyterian,
The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) has been working diligently for 6 months now and hopes to begin “final steps” in the next couple of months.
What are “final steps” following the Presbyterian process of calling a pastor?
1. Once a pastor is called by the PNC, they must submit required materials for examination by our Presbytery 2 weeks prior to the examination. Examinations are only held the first Thursday of every month in Elizabethtown.
2. After the approval by Presbytery, the PNC asks the session to call a congregational meeting. 2 weeks notice must be given to the congregation.
3. Following congregational approval of the terms of call for the new pastor, the new pastor announces his plans to his congregation.
4. Candidates have told us that they would like 1 month helping their congregation with the transition and perhaps up to 1 month to relocate.
So, if we called a pastor tomorrow (which we cannot do), it would take several months for the new pastor to be in place at First Presbyterian. Realistically, we are aiming for this summer.
Your patience, prayers,generous support and zeal are needed for us and our new pastor.
Your PNC