Stewardship Spotlight

Remember…Good stewards make great things happen!

Spotlight – Harrelson Center
Jesus told us to support the needy. Were you aware that part of your gift to First Presbyterian Church goes to help cover the costs of operating The Harrelson Center located only 3 blocks away? Uniquely designed as a place where twelve separate non-profits are located side by side, the Center exists to encourage, uplift and assist those who desire to rebuild their lives. It is not a “hand-out” place; it is a “hand-up place”. Thank you FPC members for your support in making our community a better place.
Spotlight – Congregational Care
Petals to prayers are printed throughout Congregational Care’s 13 sub-committees. From gifts of flowers, to the Stephens Ministry, to bereavement care and more, the Congregational Care Committee provides regular contact and spiritual support to our members because of our generosity and volunteerism.

Spotlight – Step Up Wilmington
Because of your generosity, lives are being changed for the better… Jesus told us to support the needy. Your annual gift to First Presbyterian Church goes to help cover the costs of Step Up Wilmington, formerly Hometown Hires. If someone with a difficult past and decides they want to turn their life around finding employment can be feel almost impossible. The training at Step Up Wilmington is designed to teach the skills that employers are looking for and turn the impossible into hope and pride. A true second chance. Thank you FPC members for helping those that want to help themselves. Remember… Good stewards make great things happen!

Stewardship Spotlight – Community Partnership
The Community Partnership is a collaborative effort of FPC and several other congregations, as well as a number of local non-profit groups, to foster communication and cooperation in service to the community we share. Intentionally committed to racial, social and economic justice, the Partnership seeks to join with and support others who share these commitments, both within and outside the church. Examples of recent Partnership projects include supporting the New Beginning Christian Church’s back to school backpack project, as well as screening the documentary Wilmington on Fire. Stewardship committee reminds you that your financial support is crucial to helping our church work for transformation in our community.

Stewardship Spotlight – Music at First Presbyterian
Music at First Presbyterian plays a vital role in our both our worship and our deeper spiritual life as a community. The communal singing of hymns binds us together in fellowship, adult and children’s music inspire us to explore deeper levels of our belief and to celebrate the way the arts lift our spirits and enlighten our souls. Music, scripture, prayer and pastoral leadership are the elements that bind us together in faith, love and Christian purpose and stewardship. Stewardship committee reminds you that your financial support is crucial to continuing the beautiful music at First.

Stewardship Spotlight – Worship and Wonder
Do you ever wonder where the young children go when they leave the worship service? The answer is they go to continue their worship in a program called Worship and Wonder, a specially designed worship experience tailored to the minds and hearts of children. Each week, our young people hear the foundational stories of our faith told in creative and accessible ways by committed and loving volunteers. The children get to “wonder” about the stories and consider their own response to God’s Word as it speaks to them. In this way, they are not only preparing for adult worship but actually participating in their own worship each week. Stewardship committee reminds you that your financial support is crucial to raising up children in the faith, making good on our baptismal vows.