Angel Tree

THANK YOU! All 102 children have been adopted!
Our Angel Tree may be a bit different this year (ok, maybe a lot different), but the excitement and joy of the season is the same. Each of the links below represents a child who is part of the Grandparent Support  Network. Click through these Amazon wish lists, and take a look. The gifts will be sent directly from Amazon to our families in order to keep the gift exchange as safe as possible.

We encourage you to take a moment and use the message box shown during the ordering process to share a holiday greeting. If you would like to remain anonymous, please remove your name from this digital ‘card’.

Be a part of this wonderful gift-giving tradition at First Presbyterian, and share Christmas with members of our Grandparent Support Network family.

Please note that you do not have to purchase all of the gifts on a list. Different, but similar, items are listed as options. It’s up to you!

Infant through Age 5

Joshua, 1 Month: Baby toys, bedding, bottles Adopted!
Madalyn, 2: Clothing, books, assorted toys and puzzles Adopted!
Ana’lyse, 2: Learning toys, doll and accessories, clothing -Adopted!
Rihana, 2: Art supplies, doll, doll accessories -Adopted!
Adalind, 2: Learning toys, ‘pull-ups’, winter clothing items -Adopted!
Jordan, 4: Learning toys, clothing -Adopted!
Lilyonna, 5: ‘Frozen’ toys, clothing -Adopted!
Grayson, 7 months: Learning toys, diapers, bottles, winter clothing items -Adopted!
Travyvon, 3: Clothing, shoes, school supplies, tablet -Adopted!
Emmalyn, 3: Clothing, doll, books, play-doh -Adopted!
Ky’Nsley, 3: Learning Toys, winter clothing – Adopted!
Ky’Lynn, 3: Learning toys, winter clothing – Adopted!
Derick, 1: Learning toys, clothing, shoes – Adopted!
Cannie, 2: Assorted toys, training pants, wipes, potty, pajamas, socks – Adopted!
Kaeda, 2: Toy storage, clothes, toddler toys – Adopted!
Ty’Ava, 1: Clothing, learning toys – Adopted!
Jahki, 1: Assorted learning toys – Adopted!
Ja’Onesty, 3: Learning toys, stuffed animal- Adopted!
Unique, 3: Clothing, shoes, book, Barbie, Barbie accessories- Adopted!
Jaylen, 5: Coat, kid’s tablet, tablet case- Adopted!
Malaysia, 3: Clothing, learning tablet- Adopted!
A’nylaa, 3: Learning toys, clothing, shoes- Adopted!

Age 6 through Age 11
Please note that you do not have to purchase all of the gifts on a list!

Makayleigh, 7: Jeans, doll, kid’s tablet – Adopted!
Jamear, 8: R.C. cars, race car track, video games, basketball – Adopted!
Aaron, 9: Basketball, hoverboard – Adopted!
Legend, 7: Clothing, shoes, doll, doll accessories, sleeping bag, roller skates, helmet- Adopted!
Xavier, 11: Basketball hoop, ball- Adopted!
Jenny, 6: Lego, Play tent, doll, doll clothes -Adopted!
Dy’Aja, 8: Play makeup, star nightlight, tablet -Adopted!
Hakeim, 10: Clothing, headphones and case, gift cards -Adopted!
Tai, 11: Jeans, nail polish, Barbies- Adopted!
Emani, 10: Jeans, earrings, art supplies-Adopted!
Amelia, 10: Doll clothes, gift card- Adopted!
Jeremiah, 10: Gift cards, Nerf Blaster- Adopted!
Jaiden, 7: Night light, collectible game cards, gift cards – Adopted!
Raymond, 11: Gift cards – Adopted!
Tiana, 11: Gift cards – Adopted!
Lana, 8: Toy chest, Barbie, Barbie accessories, tablet – Adopted!
Alan, 11: Clothing, shoes, socks, R.C. quadcopter, basketball, card games – Adopted!
Jahki, 6:Watch and tablet -Adopted!
Dontae, 10: Jacket, toys, tablet – Adopted!
Gabriel, 10: Bedding, hat and gloves, gift cards – Adopted!
Journey, 6: Shoes, clothes, learning toys -Adopted!
Summer, 6: Gift cards- Adopted!
Darcel, 6: Books, camera, art supplies, doll- Adopted!
Journey, 7: Jersey, cap, toy camera, watch, video game- Adopted!
Nariyah, 7: Clothing, gift card- Adopted!
Roteria, 9: Clothing, shoes, earrings, tablet- Adopted!
Alphonso, 9: Shoes, toys, personal care items- Adopted!
Jaronia, 10: Coat, gloves, educational card games, hoverboard, doll, doll accessories- Adopted!
Brihanna, 11: Clothing, shoes, necklace, hoverboard- Adopted!
Shaderia, 11: Clothing, makeup, tablet, hoverboard- Adopted!
Jimiere, 10: Prepaid phone card, prepaid phone- Adopted!
Cheyanne, 11: Jeans, lotion, tablet- Adopted!
Kathaniel, 8: Clothing, skateboard- Adopted!
Autumn, 7: Gift cards- Adopted!
Justin, 8: Gift cards- Adopted!
Aniya, 11: Gift cards- Adopted!

Age 12 through Age 14
Please note that you do not have to purchase all of the gifts on a list!

Chandler, 12: Clothing, Panthers items -Adopted!
Vyolet, 12: Coat, backpack/purse, tablet, tablet case -Adopted!
Jazmin, 12: Shoes, socks, bath products, undergarments -Adopted!
Ta’Vellan, 13: Earbuds, shoes, phone case, gift card, stickers -Adopted!
Trae, 13: Shoes, bath set, socks and undergarments – Adopted!
Karmoni, 13: Clothing, tablet – Adopted!
Mykhia, 13: Jeans, boots, tablet – Adopted!
Nakina, 12: Art supplies, headphones – Adopted!
Samya, 14: Art supplies, mirror lights, gift cards – Adopted!
Ariana, 12: Clothing, shoes, school supplies, journal – Adopted!
Aaron, 12: Jacket, gift card, video game controller – Adopted!
Natilya, 12: Roku Express, nail kit, gift card -Adopted!
Kennedy, 13: Book, makeup, tablet – Adopted!
Heaven, 14: Belts, necklace – Adopted!
Samad, 13: Gymnastics mat, Fortnite credits, gift card -Adopted!
Taylor, 14: Art supplies, nail polish, gift card- Adopted!
Jaquez, 13: Bathrobe, headphones, gift card- Adopted!
Aiyanna, 13: Gift cards- Adopted!
Jaziah, 12: Gift cards- Adopted!
Collin, 12: Gift cards- Adopted!
Tanea, 12: Gift cards- Adopted!
Owen, 13: Gift cards- Adopted!

Age 15 and Up

Please note that you do not have to purchase all of the gifts on a list!

Shanila, 15: Jeans, jewelry, makeup, phone case, smart watch – Adopted!
Kaleem, 17: Gift cards, tablet – Adopted!
Dekiera, 16: Bedding, personal care items, pajamas, slippers -Adopted!
Jamiyah, 15: Winter clothing, bedding, game controller -Adopted!
Isaiah, 18: Gift cards, tablet -Adopted!
Monica, 16: Earbuds, instant camera, lip gloss kit supplies – Adopted!
NyQuari, 16: Gift cards – Adopted!
Jaenya, 15: Wigs, eyelashes – Adopted!
Willie, 15: Track suit and gift cards -Adopted!
Treyvon, 17: Gift cards -Adopted!
Haylee, 16: Gift cards, jewelry making kits, puzzle books – Adopted!
Conyeh, 16: Shoes, coat – Adopted!
Jada, 15: Gift cards – Adopted!
Jewel, 18: Bathrobe, phone case, gift card – Adopted!
Aniya, 17: Clothing, shoes, makeup, airpod case – Adopted!
Janya, 17: Gift cards- Adopted!
Johnay, 19: Gift cards- Adopted!
Xavier: Gift cards- Adopted!
DeNaddia, 15: Gift cards- Adopted!
Anjel, 16: Gift cards- Adopted!
Armaje, 16: Gift cards- Adopted!
Dhara, 17: Gift cards- Adopted!