Race Equity Challenge

We are invited to join Myers Park Presbyterian Church, along with many others, in this three-week effort at listening, learning, and growth. We know that it’s only a small beginning, but change must begin somewhere. We are acknowledging, all of us, that we have much to learn about racism and racial justice. We want to learn how to be better allies to our neighbors, especially the suffering, and therefore better disciples of Jesus Christ.

What to do:

1. Follow this link to the Myers Park website and sign up to make the commitment: Better When We’re Back Together- 21 Day Challenge

2. Download the planning tool to track your progress and record your thoughts and questions.

3. Choose one item each day from the list of resources on the website to watch, read, listen, and notice.

4. Join us for two online discussions, via Zoom, to talk about what you are learning and experiencing: Wednesday, June 24th, 4pm, and Wednesday, July 1st, 4pm. Watch your email for links to join these meetings.

5. Consider supplementing the website’s general resources with one or more of the following, which are specific to Wilmington and Union Seminary:
PBS Piece on 1898 (2 Parts)
Part 1: Prelude to a Riot
Part 2: A Peaceful City Turned Violent

Interview with David Zuccino, author of Wilmington’s Lie: David Zuccino on the Wilmington Massacre

1898 and Voting Rights

Wilmington 10 Summary

History of Union Theological Seminary