These Are Our Bodies

The Children’s Christian Education committee is very excited to bring back the “These Are Our Bodies” program to First Presbyterian Church families! “These Are Our Bodies” is a faith-based, developmentally appropriate human sexuality seminar for current fifth graders and their parents. The program will begin on Friday 10/7/22 (late afternoon and evening) and continue on Saturday 10/8/22 (concluding around 4:30 pm) and will involve both fifth graders and their parents.

Jenny Beaumont will return to our church to again to lead this program. Jenny is a trained facilitator and Christian educator on staff at the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina. She has 25 years of experience in education and ministry. The program is based on the universal needs of tweens and their parents. Parents are included as an integral part of the program in order to honor and lift them up as the primary sexual educators of their children. Jenny uses direct and indirect teaching around God’s creation, scripture, and sexuality as a gift from God.

Topics of discussion for youth include: faith and sexuality, We are Wonderfully Made, We are Unique, Changing Bodies and relationships, anatomy and physiology, sexual reproduction, typical sequence of puberty, stereotypes, HIV / AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, peer pressure, media influences, Consent for Kids, and stewardship of the gift of sexuality. Topics of discussion for parents include: sexuality as a gift from God, young adolescent development and needs of tweens regarding sexuality, examination of parents’ attitudes regarding sexuality, value clarification to empower parents to effectively share their values with their teens, and communicating with tweens about sexuality. Conversations and teaching around the stewardship of gifts, responsible behavior, and God’s grace and love abound.

Please use the form below to register. There will be a $20 fee to help cover the cost of materials. We look forward to the return of this special program, and hope that all of our fifth grade families will consider participating!

Please feel free to contact Rachel Jones with any questions or if financial assistance for the program is needed (phone 910-297-0227 or email

2022 "These Are Our Bodies" Registration