Vision, Mission and Core Values

A caring congregation where
Lives are transformed by Christ and
All are seeking to grow in faith and love

Redeemed by God’s grace we seek:
To glorify God through worship
To share the good news of Jesus Christ
To deepen our faith and that of our families
To live in loving fellowship with each other and with our neighbors
To serve with compassion and promote justice in our community and world.

Centered on the Triune God
We keep the Triune God who is revealed in Jesus Christ as the focus of our work and worship.
Faithful to Our Heritage and Reformed Tradition
We are enriched by our heritage, particularly in our preaching, music and missions, and we carry on
the distinctive emphases of the Presbyterian Church.
Accepting the Richness of Human Diversity
We are a church where all are welcome and we celebrate the gifts of each person.
Committed to Lifelong Learning
We- children, youth and adults- continue to grow in knowledge, faith and ministry.
Intentional in Stewardship
We gratefully and responsibly use all God has given us to serve God and neighbor.