Giving FAQ

How does Automatic Bank Draft work?
Your account will be drafted on the 15th of each month. The draft will occur on the due date. If the date is on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, the draft will occur on the prior workday. The Automatic Bank Draft fund transfer will be shown on your bank statement like any other transaction. You will receive a quarterly contributions statement from First Presbyterian Church.

Is my bank account information secure, when I choose the monthly bank draft selection?
Yes, after your account information is entered and setup for the monthly draft, the monthly draft form will be stored in a safe location at the church.

What are the benefits of setting up an ACS Access online account to setup my own ACH payments?
The benefits are as follows:
I can set up my own bank drafting schedule, weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc..
I can donate to other church programs, or make online payments to church special events.
I can keep track of all my monetary payments to the church,
Your account information will be confidential. The First Presbyterian Church (FPC) does not have access to your account information.

What if I disagree with the Automatic Bank Draft amount shown on my statement?
You may contact the church finance office at (910) 762-6688 ext. 118 or by email to investigate any discrepancies.

What if I don’t have enough money in my account to pay my monthly Automatic Draft?
Automatic Bank Draft payments returned for insufficient funds will be subjected to an NSF fee, just as if it were a returned check. If your account cannot be deducted due to insufficient funds twice within 12 months, your account will be removed from the plan.

When will the Automatic Bank Draft plan begin?
Monthly drafts will begin on January 15th and continue through December 15th. A new authorization form needs to be signed and submitted each year.

How do I stop, discontinue or change the Automatic Bank Draft?
Please complete a new automatic bank draft form check the appropriate box in question #2. Return updated form to the church finance office, via United States Postal Service or by email.

Can I get assistance with setting up my online account?
Yes, once you have chosen to make online payments, you will receive a set of instructions, via email. If you require further assistance, please contact FPC’s office.

Will I incur a fee for using Access ACS for online transactions?
No, FPC will absorb all of the credit card transaction fees. Although, ACH payments are of no cost to FPC.

If I make a Pledge to the FPC, does that go into the General Fund?
No, there is a misconception that the Pledges go into General Fund. The General Fund donations are typically from a non-member, or from members who have chosen not to pledge. Both funds are used to determine the church budget.

What if I decide to make a change my Pledge payment schedule?
If you have chosen ACS Access online, then you can make changes on your own. If you have chosen a monthly draft, you will need to fill out the “change form” that is attached to the bank draft form.