Give your children the gift of music and let them give back their talents to God.
2015-2016 Choir Registration
2015-2016 Choir Schedule

Music plays a significant role in the human development of our children. For centuries the Christian Church has been the leader in developing and nurturing the art of music in the highest quality and standards. However, music has to be nurtured and developed from a very young age throughout early childhood growth and development. It is my vision and hope for our church to be able to continually offer a positive and enriching musical experience in the lives of our children from the very earliest of age into adulthood. Singing is the best way we as Christians can express our faith. What better way to give of our time and talent than to develop and nurture the primary instrument (the human voice) God has given each of us; communicating God’s never ending love and grace through song. I encourage parents to set aside time in their children’s busy weekly schedule for Wednesday afternoon musical offerings ages three and up.

• prepare the children to sing once a month for worship; leading our congregation in liturgy and song
• plan fun social gatherings and outings to build friendship and community
• end the year with Musical Drama to close out the choir season in March

I would like to leave you with a thought by Ruth Krehbiel Jacobs, founder of Choristers Guild, an organization based on an idea-the systematic development of Christian character in boys and girls through the medium of the church Children’s Choir. “Only recently have we begun to sense the enormous influence for character building in the children’s choir. But like soil, it must be tended before it will produce. A fine director can do a great deal, but when director, parents, church and minister work together, with a common purpose and a common vision, it is possible that their efforts will produce the rare fruit buried in the seed.

“The greatest factor in any situation is its POTENTIAL, and no one has ever begun to suspect the potential in the children’s choir — for the children–the church–the future.”

I encourage you to cultivate your child’s POTENTIAL by encouraging participation and education in church choir; that they might share the gift of music with this community and all the world.

–John Tabler